BMX Master is a simple flash Bicycle Motocross game where you have jump off the boards and do the stunts without getting 'Crushed'. Do it all right and you will earn points. The game showcases all sorts of cool 'Tricks' like 'Tailwhip', 'Front Flip', 'Back Flip', 'Tabletop', and many more which will engage you for hours trying to beat your friend's score.

BMX Master: Can you beat the score?Controls
Getting hang of the old-school controls is a walk in the park. The Up arrow key accelerates the bike forward, while the Down arrow key either accelerates the bike or moves it backward, depending on when you use it. The Left and Right arrow keys are used for balancing the bike while performing a stunt. Furthermore, Tricks such as 'Tailwhip' and 'Superman Seat' are performed by pressing the Number keys 1-8 midair.

The gameplay is really simple and will still appeal to all ages, which is the true beauty of the game. At start, you are given a bike and you have to perform stunts to earn points while jumping them off the hills. The stunts are performed by pressing the Number keys midair. Two or more tricks done in a single jump comprise a Combo. The bike is 'Crushed' if you reach the ground while the Trick is in progress. Also care has to be taken while landing. It should land on its 'feet', which is done by balancing with the Left and Right arrow keys.

The game offers two modes: Championship Mode and Time Attack Mode. In Championship mode the aim is to get the highest score before the bike is crushed. Time Attack, as implied by the name challenges you to get the highest score in a limited time. There are various levels in the Time Attack mode. Each level has a different arena sporting Rollers, Flat Tables etc.

If you are getting bored and have nothing better to do, then give BMX Master a shot. You won't regret it. You can also find tons of free dirt bike games at

Boxhead 2PlayBoxhead 2Play is a game in the Boxhead series, a series in which players face off against zombies using a variety of weapons on various maps using box-shaped characters. In addition to having single player mode, just like previous games in the series, this is the first Boxhead game that allows two people to play together using one computer. Boxhead 2Play allows the two players to either cooperate to fight against zombies or fight against each other in a death match.


In single player games, the controls for Boxhead 2Play are the same as in previous Boxhead games. The arrow keys are for movement, the spacebar fires weapons, and the number keys cycle weapons.shooting

When two players are playing together, one uses the arrow pad for movement, the question mark key for firing, and the comma and period keys for cycling through weapons. The second player used the WASD keys for movement, spacebar for firing, and the Q and E keys for cycling weapons.

Co-op Mode

The main feature of Boxhead 2Play is cooperative mode, in which the two players are placed in whatever room they select to play in and receive a pistol. Zombies come in waves from the entrances to the room and follow the players. Touching a zombie will cause the player to lose health. Killing multiple zombies in a short period of time will increase the score bonus, which in turn unlocks new weapons and weapon upgrades. As players move through the waves, the number of zombies increases, and zombies that can shoot fireballs are also introduced, though much rarer than other units, in any case if you are looking to give this game a try, check wave

If a player takes too much damage, they will die. In cooperative mode, the player will resurrect a short time after they died. After resurrecting, they will have a period of invincibility. If both players are dead at the same time, they lose.

Deathmatch Mode

Boxhead 2play also allows players to battle against each other. The arenas for battling each other are the same as in cooperative mode, but there are no zombies. Instead, the players are trying to kill each other. Each player starts with only a pistol, and new weapons are unlocked not through repeated kills but through finding orange boxes on the ground that contain ammunition for a random weapon. When a player dies, the other player scores a point and the player resurrects without any weapons but their pistol. Games continue until the players reach 5, 10, 15, or 20 points. The point value for the game can be chosen by the players prior to starting the game.

Fighting Game SSF2 is a popular non-profit, PC flash-game developed by Cleod9 Productions and officially published by McLeodGaming. If you're a fan of this game, note that there are certain ways in which exciting new levels and characters can be unlocked. These SSF2 cheats can give a player easy win when contesting against a tough opponent. The goal of Super Smash Flash 2 is doing maximum damage on the enemy so that their percentage rating increases, this way they would be in poor health status and easier to take down.

Amazing tips for unlocking characters in Fighting Game SSF2Random tricks for unlocking characters: 

  1. a) Just clear 3-minutes of 'Melee’ to access this powerful figure.
  2. b) Super Sonic. Complete Classic Mode with Sonic while on very hard difficulty level, it should be done without incurring a Game Over.
  3. c) Go through the Classic and Adventure modes with either Jigglypuff or Pikachu, after finishing this stage Mewtwo will automatically be unlocked.
  4. d) Incredible. Clear 'Classic Mode’ using all the original thirteen characters to release Mr. Incredible.
  5. e) To unlock Shadow simply clear the Adventure Stage using Knuckles, Tails and Sonic.
  6. f) Pass the Adventure Mode using any character of your choosing, after about 1 hr of overall play the character Lloyd will be unlocked.

Most of the tricks found in SSF2 are for improving and maintaining health status of different characters, or passing certain levels and overcoming obstacles along the way. Currently, this game is still under the development stage, and newer editions are periodically being released in demo format to give fans a preview of technical progress that has been made. The latest enhancements include introduction of new stages, bug fixes, character & gameplay improvements.

Each character in the game has unique powers, for instance, Mr Incredible whose ranked 21st on performance tier list has incredible damage causing abilities when using the 'Earthquake’ Down Attack move. This finisher is done by pressing 'K' from down, 'J' for left and throwing a power punch at the same time.

Return Man 3Return Man 3 is the most favorite version of the popular football game, that’s why we decided to dedicate this website to it. The game was developed by ESPN in 2013 year and soon became very popular because the previous versions of the game were also very good. If we compare the 3rd version of the game with the previous one, we won’t see any significant differences, as the game engine is still the same.

Playing Return Man 3 is very interesting, that’s why people of all ages enjoy the game every day, at school or at office. In fact, every person who love American football, will enjoy the Return Man 3 as well. The game is pretty simple – you have to receive the ball and run through the whole field. If you manage to reach the finish line with the ball in your hands, you win the round, if the huge defenders will manage to pull you down, you lose. The game has very good graphics as well as physics of player movements. As you progress in the game, it becomes more and more harder to reach the finish, because new defense players appear on the

The apple shooter game series is one of the most interesting games that people play. It is simple and fast to learn because it brings out all the fun in a game. The game was inspired by a person called Wilhelm Tell who used bows to propel some arrows. It has a number of series. This means that the games are played consecutively after scoring the preceding one. It is funny, addictive and a type of an archery game. This entails shooting some arrows at a point or a target from a set distance with a lot of accuracy.

It requires one to take a bow and try to hit the apple. This apple is is normally placed on the head of your friend or assistant. You should not hit the buddy of your friend. If this happens, the game will end immediately. It requires one to think twice before trying to make the short. You should take care not to hurt the buddy. When you are able to hit the apple, you earn bonus points. at that time, you as the player moves to the next round. This implies that the distance between you and the target becomes bigger. Remember that when you hit your assistant, you just fail.

Rule of the Game
There is only one major rule here and that is " Don't shoot your friend's or assistant's buddy

What you Require
The actions of this game are all made using a mouse. You need to set the angle first and then hold the mouse right click for you to create the strength.

Why play this Game
It is based on the simple physics. It challenges you to think about the strength of the shot and you must consider the right angle. Thus, it makes you feel well engaged.

Happy Wheels Unblocked is a very interesting flash game which is played online. This game has no age limit. Created in the year 2010 by Jim Bonacci, He started creating it by the year 2006. Happy wheels is still popular to date. The game is shocking in a specials way. Millions of internet users love to play this game even though the happy wheel is blocked. In the near future an update is expected and there will be a larger number of plays than the first version of the Happy wheels. The game is also super addictive and was created in a physic-based manner.

Happy WheelsGuide of Happy Wheels Game

The general instructions of the game remain the same, however other instruction change as you progress through the game’s level, and they are displayed below the area of play

  • Take your character through the board in whichever way possible, and preferably in one piece.
  • Follow the detailed instructions for hints about what step to take next. Keep pushing to meet every goal on each stage to progress all through the game.

If you need to restart or choose another level click the menu key. You can pick any character you desire, and have great fun. Happy Wheels Game characters are: wheelchair guy: it’s fun as this character has ability to boost with his rocket wheelchair attachment. Others are like: Effective shopper, moped couple, irresponsible dad, segway guy, explorer guy, lawnmower man, Santa Claus, pogastick man, irresponsible mom, helicopter man, etc. In order to play this game, visit

To progress in this contest easily you need to beware of:  

  • Objects that move.
  • Traps
  • Everything because it will probably finish you.

Game’s controls

Use the UP arrow to move right [forward], and the DOWN arrow to move left [back]. Space is a jump key and the right and left arrows will let you lean your momentum right [forward] or left[back].The Z key lets you to eject from your wheeled craft, a very necessary thing and hilarious at the same time. The SHIFT and CTRL keys are also used as secondary aiders to the SPACE BAR key [primary used key] on levels. In addition figuring out for yourself is even more fun.

Guide of Happy Wheels GameIn short, Happy Wheels Hacked Game is a very popular and famous game because of it being very addictive, violent and fun to play. The only way to enjoy this game is by searching it online and playing it. It’s the perfect flash game for those who love violent.